5 Tools That Create or Increase Demand For Whatever You’re Selling

Chris McCarron

I'm Chris McCarron also known as The Alpha Chimp at GoGoChimp.

Here – let me help you to tackle the biggest misconception in digital marketing:

Traffic = Sales

Here’s another myth:

Digital Marketing = Sales Funnel

If that rattled your jaw, then don’t worry, because you’re not alone. Sadly, there’s a lot of misinformation bouncing around with only a tiny minority of digital marketers really knowing “their stuff”.

The following statistics are from a previous client, who month on month would generate: 1,126,789 page views from 305,981 visitors.

How much did they make prior to me sorting out their sales funnel?



$917.68 from 19 customers… Isn’t that a swift kick in the keester?

I’m sorry to break it to you, but traffic is a vanity metric. It’s just a fancy statistic that tells you that you’re getting the attention you want. But, traffic doesn’t create or increase demand for whatever you’re selling. It just gives guys like me something to write about.

Some digital marketers will cut a hole straight through your sales funnel – just to get to your wallet. They know that they’re not making you more money because the only thing that they care about is traffic and rankings, not your ROI.

This may shock you to learn. But, while most digital marketers have no intention of making their clients more money, the average U.S. business spends:

  • 7-9% of revenue generated by B2B is spent on marketing
  • 9% of revenue generated by B2C is spent on marketing
  • 35% of the average marketing budget in 2016 will be spent on digital marketing

This exceeds the original expectations by forecasters. Yet here’s another scary statistic:

  • 51% of digital marketers expect content marketing to produce the highest ROI
  • 36% of digital marketers believe that SEO will yield the largest ROI
  • 58% of digital marketers forecast that automation will lead to the most ROI

So in other words, the vast majority of digital marketers expect automated content, automated link building and automated SEO will make them and their clients more money.

  • Would you trust your personal details with a robot?
  • Would you believe in an opinion generated by a robot?
  • Would you do business with a robot?
  • Would you have a “gut feeling” about a robot?

No. You most certainly would not.


Yet, with only 7-9% of the revenue generated by US businesses is reinvested in marketing, and only 36% of this sum allotted to digital marketing; it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why most digital marketers would want to dazzle their clients with glossy traffic stats.

Furthermore, a large portion of small businesses and large corporations are hopelessly out of touch with where digital marketing is today.

Therefore, if you’re 5-10 years behind the curve, then you’ll easily believe that traffic = sales. Worse yet, you might even ask for growth in traffic, over a growth in revenue.

But imagine for a moment that your best friend needs your advice:

  • They own a bricks and mortar shop with tremendous footfall
  • They’re located in a prominent position in the most popular shopping malls in the country
  • Thousands of people flock to their store every day
  • Only a tiny fraction of people buy from them
  • They’re burning through their cash
  • They’re on the verge of going bankrupt
  • They want to hire a business advisor who claims they need more people to visit their store

What do you tell them?

  • You need more people to visit your store! Hire the business advisor!
  • There’s a problem with your store. Fix it and you’ll have a profitable business

Option “b” right?

So when it comes to your own business; why do you keep hiring those greedy digital marketers who keep pushing you (or perhaps you push them) towards option “a”?

It’s appalling. Any sane business would immediately slam on their brakes and start by fixing this fundamental flaw. Why? Because if you’re leaving BIG money on the table; then the last thing you need is to leave MORE money on the table.

But here’s the thing. Bad habits are hard to kill. Option “a” is easy. You can close your eyes, look at pretty traffic stats, or have a “greedy” digital marketer to blame. But, it’s not “bad juju”, “the economy” or that “nobody gets your product”. There’s only one person at fault… YOU.

If you’re serious about fixing your sales funnel to create or increase demand in whatever you’re selling then:

  • It will take time
  • It will require willpower
  • You will need to make healthy decisions
  • It requires sacrifice
  • There will be the temptation to do the wrong thing

The best businesses, whether it’s Starbucks or GoGoChimp, are the ones who can understand how to craft the perfect sales funnels. As soon as you crack this enigma, then there’s no stopping you.

I promise you that when you use the sales funnel template that I’ve built for you… IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

This is your super weapon. It’s the sales funnel that we use. But, before you can be bold and win that sale, you need to do two things:

  • Buy your sales funnel template now (SOLD OUT)
  • Read the guide below and get any of sales funnel tools that you don’t have (most have 30-day FREE trials).

1) Long Tail Keyword Research For Buyer Intent

What is Long Tail Keyword Research?

Long Tail Keyword Research – noun – To identify two or more words used by a large volume of search engine visitors which is easy to get a high ranking for.

Most digital marketers don’t know how to research long tail keywords the right way. As mentioned earlier, they don’t care about your need for a particular type of traffic that can convert into paying customers.

The easiest way for you to fix this problem is to get your hands on some professional software. It might sound expensive. It might even sound complicated. But, you’re wrong. It’s easy, incredibly affordable and highly profitable.

Enter Long Tail Platinum (you might know it as Long Tail Pro). It’s the Hulk Hogan of the keyword research tools. It hurls bottles of vitamins at you, flexes it’s 24-inch pythons and reminds you how awesome your childhood was.

So why is Long Tail Platinum a screaming bargain? It not only finds long tail keyword phrases, it also checks to see how difficult keywords are to rank for. That’s gold.

It also finds exact match domain names, how many links that you might need to get to the top of Google, global search volumes and so much more.

The incredible features of Long Tail Platinum could be covered in a single article. I’ll spare you from a 3,000 word love letter and get straight to the point. Here’s how it can be devastating to your competitors when you use it with your sales funnel template…

Let’s pretend for a moment that you:

  • Have an online store
  • You sell remote control drones
  • You only deliver to customers in the UK
  • You sell accessories for remote control drones

Your aim is to get more visitors who’re ready to buy now to your website. This means that we need to find long tail keyword phrases that include buyer intent such as:

  • Brand names
  • Get
  • Buy
  • Purchase
  • Best
  • Top

It’s no different from how you would use Google. If you searched for “buy Batman V Superman Blu-ray” then there’s a very good chance that you’re far more likely buy it than someone who just searches for “Batman”, “New Blu-ray” or even “Batman V Superman”.

But, we need to go one step further. Using Long Tail Platinum we can discover keywords from search engine results in the UK. However, you may also decide include words similar to:

  • UK
  • Britain
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Wales
  • Names of cities

long tail platinum screenshot 1

As you can see, there’s quite a number of keywords relating to drones that have a large search volume and are easy for you to rank for. Here’s the problem: unless you’re taking a long-term view towards building brand authority and a loyal band of followers, then you need to discount general phrases such as “drone photography”.

“Drones for sale UK” is ripe for the picking because it’s a keyword phrase that has buyer intent. This means that the search engine user is ready to buy. But, what’s just as important is the following:

  • 3,600 UK based searches per month
  • Average Keyword Competitive Score of 25
  • Amazing opportunity to leapfrog established websites

With a little SEO, link-building, and elbow grease, you could do some serious damage and get to the top of Google. Best of all, every month you would be eyeballed by 3,600 ready to buy customers.

If you’ve already been forking out for digital marketing, then you would only need to make a few tweaks to your existing content!

This is how your digital marketer is messing things up. They aren’t using longtail keyword research to find and send relevant, cash-in-hand traffic, directly into your sales funnel template. It isn’t good enough.

Tool: Long Tail Platinum

Price: $25 – $37 per month


2) Lead Magnets

What is a lead magnet?

Lead Magnet – noun – Digital marketing technique to generate leads by asking for a visitor’s personal contact details in exchange for free content or resources.

Lead magnets come in all different shapes and sizes including:

  • Video courses
  • Checklists
  • Infographics
  • Templates
  • Exclusive content
  • Ebooks
  • Free consultations
  • Coupons
  • Tickets
  • Samples
  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Contribution
  • Webinars
  • Contests
  • Free tools
  • Free services
  • Plugins
  • Swipe files
  • PDFs
  • Podcast

The true power of lead magnets is the effect that they have on psychology.

Have you ever noticed that when someone gives you something for free, you go out of your way to help them?

In a way, this is a lead magnet.

This recently happened to my wife. A tradesman who was replacing roof tiles for our neighbor knocked on our door. He offered to fix a few broken tiles peppered on our roof. But, we refused his offer because we didn’t trust him or his appraisal.

A few minutes later he knocked our door again. But this time, he told my wife that he would fix the broken tiles for free. He then requested that we made a small donation to a children’s charity. Delighted, we agreed. And it felt good giving to a worthy cause.

But something else happened… My wife promoted his business in a popular local Facebook group – a post that attracted 211 Likes and dozens of shares.

Fast forward two months later our gutters were blocked and instead of trying to fixing the problem ourselves, we phoned the roofer.

Why? Psychology. Specifically? Reciprocation.

His lead magnet was a gesture of goodwill. A freebie.

And for the price of a couple of roof tiles he:

  • Supported a charity he’s passionate about
  • Free word-of-mouth and promotion on social media (and subsequent business)
  • Still got our business and any future work that we may need

Not bad.

But, you might be starting to wonder how any of this could solve your problem of immediately finding new business.

The easiest way is for you to take your existing content, bundle it together as a free resource and use it to get email addresses to feed into your autoresponder drip feed campaigns.

Alternatively, you can use your blog as the lead magnet and to then promote special offers that relate to the content. Taking the earlier example of drones, you might promote a discount code for HD camera drones, in an article about drone photography.

The possibilities are limitless.


3) Landing Pages

Landing Pages definition:

Landing Page – noun – A tested and fine-tuned webpage that is created to promote a product using conversion rate optimization techniques.

Landing Pages and conversion rate optimization is steadily becoming a buzzword in digital marketing. However, most digital marketers don’t know the first thing about them.

A good landing page has the right “stuff”: buttons, bullet points, images, fast hosting etc. If you’re happy to settle for “good”, then you’ll have a “good business”.

But to be great… To have an electrifying business that strikes prospect’s at their emotional core – You need to go one step further.

You need to understand the psychology behind why and how visitors interact with a landing page.

That’s tough to chew on. Unless you’re a psychology junky, it’s an excruciating, time-consuming and occasional futile gig. But, if you’ve got visitors and if it’s the “right kind” of traffic, then it could turn your business around within a very short period of time.

Stick to reputable companies. Check for a proven track record. And ensure they’re committed to being industry experts. Settle for nothing less than exceptional.

In my subjective, highly-critical and completely biased opinion, this is why our clients pick GoGoChimp to build their landing pages.

GoGoChimp Landing Page

It’s why our conversion rates trend on Reddit and it’s why we’re able to get clients 47.15% of all traffic to request a quote.

AND, while I would never insult your intelligence by claiming to be the most explosive company since the Big Bang, I do believe that we’re one of the greatest resources available to business owners on the web today.

This isn’t to say that we (or anyone else) can get it right the first time around. We need to test landing pages, run variants and analyse traffic to see what works and what doesn’t.

This may sound expensive. But, it’s insanity to believe that it would be more profitable to build a landing page by yourself. This isn’t a biased opinion. This is based on witnessing intelligent clients crashing and burning like business noobs, all because they opt for “the cheaper option”.

If you’re committed to wing it: say a prayer, cross your toes and then visit Lead Pages. Their templates allow you to quickly build a landing page. And, you never know, you might get lucky by turning your website into a solid, profitable business.


4) OptinMonster Popups

OptinMonster Definition:

OptinMonster – adjective – OptinMonster is a company that supplies digital marketing tools for creating and A/B testing lead capture forms.

Old-School popups, popunders and other nefarious website entities have tarnished the name of their modern brethren. But, times have changed.

The scary truth is that if you really want to rid your business of inadequate subscriber numbers, then you need the best tool to do it. And like it or not, that means popups, full-page takeovers and strong calls to action.

Enter OptinMonster, the Kaiju of digital marketing. It’s easy to use, drives huge results and comes with a blazing list of features, tools, and analytical information.

Optinmonster Popup

Here’s what you get when you subscribe to OptinMonster:

  • Drag and drop builder to create high converting opt-in forms
  • Visual analytics to measure how effective your popups are
  • Turn any link or image into a two-step opt-in process
  • Eye-catching visual effects
  • Welcome gate
  • Exit gate
  • Interstitial Ad
  • Mobile popups
  • Audience segmentation
  • Timed offers and promotions
  • Convert abandoning visitors
  • Inline forms
  • A/B Testing
  • Unique offers
  • Lightbox popups
  • Floating bars
  • Sidebar forms
  • Slide-ins

The Pro option is very affordable ($29.00 per month) and includes usage on an unlimited number of websites.

Pro subscribers to OptinMonster also get a lot of really amazing features that the plebs don’t get:

  • After post Calls-to-Action
  • Social Media popups
  • Full-screen takeover
  • Canvas
  • Template Library
  • Point-and-Click template
  • Cart and form abandonment

According to Loren Baker, the founder of Search Engine Journal:

Ever since we installed OptinMonster we have seen a 240% increase in newsletter subscribers.

OptinMonster is epic and it’s criminal to ignore the potential rewards that the tool can gain you when it costs you less than $1 a day to run.


5) Email Drip Feed Campaigns

Email Drip Feed Definition:

Email Drip Feed – noun – A series of automated emails sent to segmented newsletter lists.

If you feel powerless to help your business grow, then you need email drip feed campaigns.

BUT, according to Mailchimp:

  • The average click rate is 2%.
  • The average open rate for marketing emails is a measly 14%.

In the real-world, this means that only 1 in 50 subscribers will click on a link that’s in your email.

Do NOT be discouraged. A newsletter list is one of the best response-boosting and money-making tools in your arsenal.

In 2015 Digital Marketer’s (the company) highest open rate for their email drip feed campaigns is 18.71%. This is an incredible achievement. But, our best performing automated email in 2016 has the following statistics:

  • 57.12% open rate
  • 7% click rate to our landing page
  • 42.18% average open rate for all of our email marketing campaigns

We’re very proud of this achievement. We trounced the industry average and exceeded the average open rate and click rate of an industry-leading expert.

So what’s the secret?

We’ll be releasing our email templates for drip campaigns soon. To keep you going until then, here’s a short overview:

  • A title that draws the reader in
  • Interesting facts
  • Humour
  • Use of questions that primes the reader to say “yes”
  • Just text
  • No buttons
  • No distractions
  • Personalized (i.e. uses their name, company name etc)
  • Conversational tone

The above doesn’t reveal the incredible power of being able to nurture leads over time.  They might not be ready to buy today. They might not be ready to buy tomorrow. But… one day, they’ll need exactly what you have to offer.

But, the true selling power of an email drip feed campaign is being empowered to create and then target segmented newsletter subscribers. You might consider segmenting your subscribers by gender, how they signed up to your list, who made a purchase and those who didn’t.

This is something that EVERY business must do as relevant offers to relevant prospects, increases your conversion rates.

Makes sense right?

What if you sent men who bought a shirt an email promoting ties, shoes and perhaps a suit to go with it? What if it’s coming up to Christmas and you send them a promotion for the “Top 10 Gifts to Buy Your Wife This Christmas”?

There’s an endless supply of thrilling possibilities that are only limited by your imagination and drive.

There’s a lot of different email services out there. They’re all in different price brackets with some features being slightly better or slightly worse than others.

My personal choice is Aweber. And if you own a medium to small business, then it’s definitely the best choice for you too.

Aweber takes a little getting used to. But if you’ve used Mailchimp or any other email marketing software, then you won’t feel like you’re out of your depth. Furthermore, Aweber is the most user-friendly newsletter software available on the market.

Here’s a video that’s going to prove to you just how easy Aweber is to set up:

Aweber has an exhausting library of highly polished email templates. They’re available to subscribers without any additional charge and they offer a little more “va va voom” your marketing campaigns.

Additionally, it’s very easy to create your own template. You can include as many (or as few) features as you care for, including striking calls to action.

But, if you’re a data nerd, then you’ll love Aweber. It’s the definitive nuts-and-bolts experience for the data-driven marketer with analytics, mobile apps and more. This delivers a wealth of invaluable statistics about the performance of your email campaigns.

Aweber pricing

If you’re in the UK, then you can get up to 5,000 email subscribers for as little as £30.10 per month.

A second, solid choice is Get Response which is a slightly cheaper alternative. And while it’s not as good as Aweber, it’s more than sufficient for a rookie to get started with automated emails.

Should you be looking to use cold email drip feeds, then I highly recommend MailShake. The tool is incredibly easy to setup and use. Despite being a cold email automation platform, MailShake is surprisingly complex and allows you to add personalisation such as a contact’s name, the name of their company and any other form of personally identifiable information you have stored within a CSV file.

However, the real power behind MailShake is the presentation of your email. The glossy design of a newsletter is substituted for a layout that will make the recipient believe that your email is genuine outreach. This is because the email is sent through your Gmail or Outlook account (and therefore uses the same template and signature that it uses).



Long Tail Platinum, OptinMonster, Aweber, Landing Pages and Lead Magnets are all super weapons for creating or increase demand for whatever you’re offering.

It’s exhilarating to see how they can enhance your sales funnel and fulfill your potential. However, tools are only as good as the person who wields them.  If you’re ever in doubt, if you don’t have enough time to dedicate to your digital marketing needs, or if

If you’re ever in doubt, if you don’t have enough time to dedicate to your digital marketing needs, or if you’re design or technically challenged, then hiring a reputable conversion rate optimisation agency may be the safer option.