CRO Designer: “My Best Lead Generation Landing Page”

Watch this CRO video here: High Converting Lead Generation Landing Page Template

CRO designer Chris McCarron (founder of GoGoChimp: CRO experts based in Glasgow, Scotland) just released a new lead generation landing page that is sure to beat out the competition.

The results thus far have been extraordinary with opt-in rates exceeding 80% across many different industries.

Chris invites you to take a look and see for yourself how their approach outperforms any other landing page design or CRO test you may have seen online.

The team insists that even novice business owners can use their easy-to-follow guide to create a high-converting lead generation landing page of their own.

CRO Designer Video Description

CRO Designer - Best Lead Generation Landing Page
Professional CRO designer shares his best lead generation landing page

I’m Chris McCarron: a CRO designer and founder of GoGoChimp (we build kick-ass landing pages and sales funnels).

If you’re a business owner, then you know that landing pages are a great way to generate leads.

But if you’re not getting the results you want from your landing pages, then it might be time to try something new.

In this video, we’ll take a look at one of the best CRO (conversion rate optimization) designs for a lead generation landing page.

#Spoileralert… I’m giving away this landing page design so that you can use it on your website to build your email list.

After 15-years of designing landing pages, I’ve finally done it: the world’s largest conversion rate.

It’s a design that I’ve tested time and time again to quickly enhance my clients’ sales funnels.

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No matter what industry or niche they’re in, this landing page design always delivers.

And I want to give this landing page template to you for free.

One of the most powerful marketing sales funnels that you can use to get more customers is to use a high converting landing page to build an email list.

This is the best landing page design tutorial you’ll find online.

I will show you how to get 60% – 80% of all traffic to sign up to your email list in return for your offer.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve helped hundreds of clients and grow their business online using landing page conversion rate optimization and email marketing.

My clients include Noah Kagan, Neil Patel, Ezra Firestone and Sujan Patel.

I also led the growth team at Roadtrippers where we achieved 3-million active users and at FOMO we got a conservative evaluation of $2.6 million in less than 6 months.

So, when people hear about my experience, they LOVE asking me:

  • “Hey Chris, tell me the best squeeze page template to get more customers”
  • “Quick question: how to build an email list fast?”
  • “Dude, what’s the secret to high converting landing page design?”
  • “Okay, answer this real quick: what’s the best landing page design tutorial that I should look at?”
  • “I really need your help. What’s the fastest way to get more sales online?”
  • “What’s the lowest CPA marketing strategy you have?”
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Today, I’m sharing my insights in this small business guide to opt-in landing page conversion rate optimization.

In this video, you’ll learn step-by-step how to build a large email list fast with the best squeeze page template I’ve ever used.

It’s so effective that it has a 60% – 80% opt-in conversion rate.

This squeeze page template is perfect for anyone looking for the best landing page tutorial on Youtube.

Time Codes:

00:33 How I got started making money online with a website

01:03 Fastest way to get more sales with a website

01:29 What people respond to

01:48 How large chunks of text on a website is bad for conversions

00:33 How I got started making money online with a website 🔴 02:39 How to build a large email list fast

03:11 Most important parts of email landing page design

04:52 Why a opt in landing page is an important part of your sales funnel

05:49 Fastest way to get more customers to buy your products and services

07:12 How to build an email list with a landing page

Thanks for watching this CRO designer video covering our highest converting lead generation landing page.

Don’t forget to download your free lead gen landing page tutorial.

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