Free typography guide for creative entrepreneurs

Typography guide for creative entrepreneurs

In this typography guide, we’ll look at seven fundamental rules to get your typographic game on point.

Typography Placement.

Typography guide white Space

Never place your text in the corners of a page or along the edges. The exception to this typography rule is to deliberately cut the text off.

Typography alignment.

Typography guide alignment rules

Typography is intrinsically art.

However, the core purpose of typography is to effortlessly convey important information to the viewer.

We’ve been conditioned to read from top to bottom, left to right. Therefore, just about every typography guide will tell you to use left alignment and keep your most important information at the top of the design.

This makes it easy for the viewer to read the text and find what they’re looking for.

Typography guide to typeface.

Typography typeface

Even great designers struggle to use more than one typeface. Therefore, keep your typography simple and when in doubt, stick to a single typeface.

Typography font weight.

Typography font weight

Using contrast is an excellent typographic technique to capture the viewer’s attention and guide their eye to a focal point. This can be used to highlight important information and add variety, or simply mix things up by adding a little variety to a design.

Typography font size rule.

typography font size rule

If you’re changing font sizes, a good rule of thumb is to double it. For example, if the bost text uses a 20px font size, then your title should be 40px.

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Typography axis.

Typography axis

Something as simple as changing the angle of your text can transform a boring and mundane design into something that’s exciting and memorable. However, it’s important that you try to avoid using more than one axis in your design.

Breaking typography rules.

breaking typography rules

When you master typography, you understand how to bend or break the rules to create a design that truly stands out. Therefore, never be boring and always stand out.

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