Google’s Project Magi: The Future of AI Search and E-commerce.

Google Project Magi 2023

Project Magi is Google’s vision for the future of search and e-commerce transactions. So what’s new and why is it important?

What we know about Google’s Project Magi.

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Google, the giant search engine we have come to know and rely on, is working on a groundbreaking update that aims to revolutionize the way we search and complete transactions online.

Known internally as Project Magi, Google has 160 engineers working tirelessly to create a new search engine experience that will eventually replace Google as we know it.

Although there aren’t many details available, some exciting information about Project Magi has been leaked.

A Conversational Interface to Batter Bing.

Google's Bard AI

One of the main goals of Project Magi is to create a more conversational search experience similar to how Bing uses Chat GPT 3.5.

Google recently revealed Bard which is a chat-like interface, similar to ChatGPT and Alexa.

What interests me is that Google’s Bard AI can learn from both past interactions and on-the-fly as users ask questions to provide relevant, personalized answers adapted to the user.

This conversational approach might not work for all search queries, but it is on the rise due to voice search and is seen as the next step in the evolution of search technology, following innovations such as Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Facilitating Transactions on Google is coming soon.

Another significant change that Project Magi is rumoured to bring is the ability to facilitate transactions directly on Google.

Instead of having to visit a third-party website to buy a product or book a flight, users will be able to complete transactions in Google’s search results.

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This means that Google will be able to display personalized product search results and enable users to purchase them with a single click.

Google Pay integration will also make it easier for users to complete transactions, streamlining the online shopping experience.

While I suspect that Google ads will be integral to purchasing items in Google search results, this may prove to be a cost-effective way for getting new customers and gaining traction online.

Implications for Marketers and E-Commerce Stores.

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The imminent launch of Google’s AI-powered search tools, developed under Project Magi, signifies the tech giant’s move towards a more personalized and anticipatory search experience.

While this sounds good ‘n all, I can’t help but feel that Google is trying to tackle one of it’s greatest weaknesses: sending people from Google search results to another website.

For quite some time I’ve had the impression that Google is edging towards keeping its users on the search engine for as long as possible by giving them all the information that they need within its search results.

What jumps out at me is that Project Magi is being designed to further retain users and send as few clicks as possible, including via paid advertising, to external websites.

Transactions via Google ads will not only keep users on Google, but advertisers will happily hand the company fistfuls of cash provided that it’s cheaper and more effective than traditional pay-per-click ads.

As a publicly traded company, Google will continue to focus on and feature ads as it is the company’s primary source of revenue. But Project Magi is a masterful way of satisfying advertisers while retaining customers.

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So don’t be surprised if the way ads work will change in the long run to facilitate Project Magi’s new features.

Instead of paying for cost-per-click, marketers and e-commerce brands may eventually pay for cost-per-acquisition directly on Google, making the process more straightforward and creating a better user experience.

Even if a website’s design, performance or conversion rate is subpar, businesses can still earn money through Google’s platform.

In terms of SEO, new forms of optimization will undoubtedly emerge in 2023 (and beyond) as Google searches for products and services to display through Project Magi.

Project Magi Update Changes Everything.

Project Magi is set to change the way we search and conduct transactions online, making it more conversational, personalized, and user-friendly.

Sure, Google’s Danny Sullivan states that Google Search still sends billions of clicks to sites daily, with more traffic directed to the open web every year since its inception.

But it’s another nail in the leaky coffin for SEO pros.

Google’s new search engine will take yet another chunk of clicks away from your website, but that might not bother you if it gets strong results for a lower cost per acquisition.

Google is developing a range of other AI tools, including an AI image generator called GIFI, a language learning system called Tivoli Tutor, and a feature to integrate a chatbot into Chrome called Searchalong.

As Google continues to innovate and adapt, it’s important that you zig-zag and roll by evolving your skillset and developing new SEO strategies to optimize your products and services for Google’s Magi.

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After all, the ultimate goal is not merely attracting clicks to your website, but securing sales to grow your brand.

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