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40% conversion rate landing page template

This landing page design looks simple and is very quick to build.

However, appearances can be deceiving.

In this guide, we’ll break down all of the conversion rate optimisation strategies and techniques used to get tangible results from this lead-gen landing page template (sometimes referred to as a lead magnet landing page).

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Short landing pages get more conversions

We typically find that short landing pages that focus on establishing trust between the brand and the user/customer get more conversions.

So when in doubt, keep your landing pages short and try to think about including elements like social proof; security seals; review widgets; contact information; and testimonials so that they know that you’re a reputable brand people like, use and trust.

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Keep your landing page copy simple

landing page copywriting tip

A lot of articles about conversion rate optimisation and landing page templates gloss over the importance of copywriting.

In my opinion, copywriting is one of the most crucial aspects of a landing page.

Unfortunately, a lot of copywriters (and people in general) try to get too fancy with their copy or fall into the trap of making their offer too complicated for the average Joe to understand.

Always remember that if the visitor doesn’t instantly know what you’re offering then they’ll bounce.

So keep your headings short, legible and easy to understand.

Sounds simple, but it isn’t.

Sometimes it’s difficult to explain what your offer is and why they need it. This usually happens when we work very closely on something or become immersed in the full complexity of it.

If you’re struggling with keeping your copy simple then my favourite technique is to imagine that I’m explaining what it is to a four-year-old child.

Try it for yourself and be sure to tell me how you get on with it.

Clear H1 headings that explain your offer

Landing page heading example

With this lead gen landing page template, we’re going to use a main heading and two subheadings.

The secret to a great headline is clarity (as written above); the problem you’re solving and the emotion they’ll feel.

Use two H2 subheadings on your lead magnet

h2 subheading on landing pages

For your subheadings, aim to give additional information about why your offer is unmissable and how long it will take to get it.

For example, if you offer a discount code in exchange for an email address, then use your subheadings to tell people how long it takes to get the discount code.

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Social proof on landing pages

Examples of social proof on landing pages

Social proof gets your visitors to trust you through the use of how many customers you have; real photographs of your customers using your products; customer testimonials; customer reviews; where your brand has been featured; who uses your products or services and much more.

When you use social proof you’re also creating FOMO (fear of missing out) that in turn will have a big impact on your conversion rates.

Ideally, you want as much social proof as possible above the fold. This clearly demonstrates that people use and like your offer.

Tackle objections to your offer in subheadings

Tackle objections to your offer in subheadings

Subheadings are a great way for you to counter objections people have about your product or service.

If you’re not entirely certain what objections there may be, then survey customers and read reviews of your competitors.

We call this qualitative data and it’s an absolute goldmine of information about why people buy, what they like about it and what they don’t like about it.

When you begin to spot patterns then you tackle those objections head on.

For example, one of the first clients for GoGoChimp was a company that sold rugs made from natural materials.

Their hottest-selling product was/is a natural sheepskin rug.

However, customers complained that as the rugs weren’t manufactured, they were sometimes a little bigger or a little smaller than advertised.

We tackled the objection head-on by stating that no two sheepskin rugs are the same and that they’re completely unique to the owner.

Sales soared…

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Visitors to landing pages need to trust the brand

Landing pages trust

A good rule of thumb is to be objectionable about people trusting your brand and your offer.

Therefore, clearly display contact details, use a live chat, show security seals and review badges.

Urgency on landing pages

Urgency to act - websites and landing pages

Urgency on landing pages and websites comes in many different forms ranging from stock levels to countdown timers.

When used correctly, urgency can make people act to ensure that they don’t miss out on a great opportunity.

Regardless of what shape or form your urgency is, it has to be believable. Otherwise, it may have a negative effect on conversions.

Examples of the landing page template in action

Examples landing page template
landing page template example
Landing page opt in form

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Landing Page Template Now

100% free PDF landing page template that prints money like it’s the Federal Reserve

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